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❶Reliability-focused organizations abhor failures, and they make improvements to extend time to the next failure by rejecting risk of failures. Patterns from several processes are described, and Pareto losses are found to prioritize the problem solving effort.

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There are many buckets to hold the different types of failures. Each bucket has a different name for the root of the failures. Frequently, the failure buckets are collected into three major categories for simplification: You must know where to attack problems to resolve the issues for a failure-free environment. The slides are available in PDF format for:. Essential Elements of a Successful Reliability Program.

Must do elements to achieve a successful reliability program. These details are a small portion of the reliability tools available as a Problem Of The Month and included the What, Where, When, and Why questions associated with.

Other reliability tools, in concise format, are located on this website. This presentation shows how to cost out maintenance issues and put the details into the form of a business issue using process reliability plots. The analysis separates and categorizes special cause variation and common cause variations along with determining the reliability of the process. Details for this presentation are shown in the October 08 list of problems of the month..

Two out of three companies claim their work is focused on avoiding failures a reliability-focus while one out of three can demonstrate their claim most companies are repair-focused.

Case studies are presented to show the evidence in Crow-AMSAA reliability growth plots with illustrations of how companies have changed their results. Parallels in safety, quality, and environmental programs are provided to show how cultures have change in the past 40 years.

Com will review some of the Problems Of The Month. Specifically we will cover: The workshop is scheduled for December 5, from 8: On December 6 at 4: The following paper was presented on May 9, Bridging The Different Worlds of Reliability: Defense, Industry, and Academia. The different perspectives of reliability are discussed and examples given of their different viewpoints. The bridge between the three perspectives is simply money.

The 2-day Weibull Users Conference is held once every two years. The two papers are: Several case studies show how to separate general corrosion from accelerated corrosion and how to predict end of useful life for products. Download a copy of the PowerPoint slides by clicking here. Weibull details are needed to predict end of life for components and systems.

Thes cost details from Weibull analysis drive life cycle cost decisions for calculating a key performance indicator represented by a single number for net present value. Reliability growth plots forecast when future system failures will occur.

Trend line slopes, b , tell if failures are coming faster, slower, or without much change. Repair-focused organizations do not find failures intolerable, and they often reward faster repairs over avoiding repairs with acceptance of failure risks beyond prudent money limits. Reliability-focused organizations abhor failures, and they make improvements to extend time to the next failure by rejecting risk of failures.

Download a copy of the technical paper by clicking here. Reliability conveys different ideas to various groups. This presentation explores the definition of reliability and all of the factors it entails. The presentation advocates starting with a top-down viewpoint rather than a bottom-up approach to match management expectations for controlling money issues associated with reliability.

Before defining equipment reliability improvements the first emphasis must be on improving people, second on improving processes and procedures, and finally improving component reliability—if required. The presentation emphases differences between a: Improvement justifications are based on financial details and alternatives.

The datum for all improvements begins with the cost of the status quo, i. Improvement justifications require knowing: Reliability engineering principles help define when and how things fail to provide facts for life cycle costs comparisons to help decide the lowest long-term cost of ownership driven by a single estimator called net present value NPV to converting hardware issues and alternatives into money issues.

Initial first costs are often a bad decision tool for making improvement decisions lacking details and alternatives from engineering—the first cost may become the only decision criteria. The Engineering Department is responsibility for providing life cycle costs over the project life and they must provide more than a single alternative. Knowledge about times to failure and failure modes are found by reliability technology. A short example illustrates the methodology. Click here to down load a PDF file K.

Click here to down load a PDF file of slides presented at the conference K. Reliability growth plots known as Crow-AMSAA plots are powerful for predicting future failures for mixed failure modes. Weibull probability plots are powerful single failure mode tools for predicting the type of failure mode which guides reliability centered maintenance strategies and forecasting future failures for each failure mode.

Giving data an unemotional voice is a rational for decisions and for corrective action. Examples and illustrations describe the basics of each tool. Reliability is the probability that a device, system, or processes will perform its prescribed duty, without failure, for a given time, when operated correctly, in a specified environment. Reliability numbers, by themselves, lack meaning for making improvements. For business, the financial issue of reliability is controlling the cost of unreliability from equipment and process failures which waste money.

Reliability issues are understandable when converted into monetary values by using actual plant data. Several reliability engineering tools are discussed. Reliability for businesses begins with management and how they communicate the need for a failure free environment to mobilize actions to preserve operable systems and processes. The need for reliability considers cost of alternatives to prevent or mitigate failures, which require knowledge about times to failure, and failure modes which are found by reliability technology.

Justifications for reliability improvements require knowing: Reliability engineering principles help define when and how things fail to provide facts for life cycle costs comparisons. This helps decide the lowest long-term cost of ownership driven by a single estimator called net present value for converting hardware issues and alternatives into money issues. Several short examples illustrate the methodology.

Click here to download a PDF file K of the paper. Click here to download a PDF file K of the slides. Life cycle cost LCC analysis works toward finding the lowest long term cost of ownership usually the view point of the investor rather than simply cheapest first cost usually the view point of project management. Roles and responsibilities for preparing the LCC details are described for petrochemical and refining applications.

Practical tips for effective analysis and presentation are given. Click here to download a PDF file 94K of the slides. Fundamentals of analyzer reliability issues are discussed using failure criteria required for documenting both actual failure data and censored data.

An existing data set of end user supplied information is examined using Weibull analysis which is the tool of choice for most reliability studies.

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