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The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English

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❶Place a piece of ruled paper behind the white paper so you can see the lines to write neatly. Warnings If you're cramping too much in your hand, you're probably writing too hard or in the wrong position.

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If you are writing anything other people are going to read, don't use text writing: Gr8, bcuz, u, soz, lols, etc. Do you know someone with beautiful handwriting? Watch him or her write and ask for some pointers. You may even want to look at word processor fonts for inspiration on letter shapes.

For that matter, if you have children, practice together. Turn family bonding time into better penmanship for all. Study the cursive alphabet. Seek out some of the many cursive practice books that have lines on the paper to help you practice making the cursive letters. There is more than one style of cursive, of course, and it is fine to give your cursive an individual flare, as long as it is still legible.

Seek out websites with study tutorials and printable practice sheets. Practice using your whole arm to write. Handwriting artists utilize their arms and shoulders as they write, which facilitates a better flow and thus less angular, choppy handwriting. In fact, you can practice writing on a chalkboard.

You will naturally use shoulder rotation and forearm movement to construct your letters. As you become more proficient at air writing, reduce the size of your invisible letters and assume the positioning you would take to put pen to paper.

Practice basic cursive pen strokes. The two essential moves in cursive handwriting are the upsweep and the curve, so practice them first before writing full letters. If you want to write on a blank piece of paper, put in light, evenly spaced pencil lines with a ruler and erase the lines once you've written your letters. To practice the upsweep, start the pen just above the baseline, brush against the baseline as you pull down and slightly forward, then turn the curve upward into a straight line angled slightly forward through the midline and to the topline.

Proper connections will make your cursive writing not only more beautiful, but faster. Cursive writing is about writing faster by reducing pen lifts, but start out by practicing forming each letter and connection deliberately and precisely. Pick up the pace only as you master the form. Think of cursive writing as an art, because it is one.

Get the right tools. To get the attractive appearance of your calligraphy strokes appearing thick and thin, you'll need to make sure that you have the proper pens, paper and ink. The best writing utensils for calligraphy are broad-edged ones like markers, fountain pens, brushes, quills, reeds, or staff with inserted tips called nibs.

Make sure that you have paper that ink won't bleed through. Practicing on plain, standard notebook paper is fine, but you'll need to test that the ink won't bleed through. Most stationery stores sell paper that is made for calligraphy. If you're going to use inks, avoid India drawing inks because the lacquer in them has a tendency to clog the pen and rust the nib. Set up your paper properly. This means understanding where the lines go so that your calligraphy has uniformity of appearance.

You definitely want to choose lined paper for practice. Either use pre-lined paper, place paper with dark lines under your practice sheet, or use a pencil and ruler to draw parallel lines on your practice sheet.

You'll need to set a nib height -- that is, the space between guide lines as measured by the width of your pen nib. A common standard is 5 nibs between guidelines. The baseline is the writing line that all letters rest on. The waistline is the line above the baseline, which changes according to the x-height of the letter in this case, 5 nibs above baseline.

It will be 5 nibs above the waistline or whichever nib height you're using. It will be in this example 5 nibs below the baseline. Position yourself and your pen. As advised to improve any style of writing, sit with your feet on the floor and your back straight but not uncomfortably rigid. Likewise, hold the pen so that it is under control but not in a vise grip, or your hand may cramp. To make sure that you're holding your pen at a 45 degree angle, draw a right angle 90 degrees with a pencil.

Draw a line upward from the corner of the angle that cuts the right angle in half. If it's a thin line, then you're holding your pen properly. Slightly lean the line forward after some practice. For push-pull strokes, make short, thick horizontal lines along the waistline.

For branching strokes, make a curved line, slightly leaned forward, from the baseline to the ascending line and waistline to baseline. Practice starting the line thick and ending thin and vice versa -- you will need to be able to do both.

As you improve with these motions, make shapes like boxes, triangles, and ovals before moving on to the actual letter forms. Pay special attention to keeping the 45 degree angle. Unlike cursive, in calligraphy each letter requires one or more pen lifts. As you move into practicing letters, focus on each stroke used to make a letter.

Get each piece of the puzzle in place, then assemble that letter. Consider taking a class. If you are serious about learning calligraphy, you may want to consider seeking out a calligraphy class at an art school or perhaps even a community center.

Calligraphy is truly an art form, and proper, guided instruction can prove very helpful to many aspiring calligraphers. But even self-taught calligraphy can be beautiful and improve your writing form in general. You can use a brush pen, or just your normal ballpen.

You can just shade some parts of your normal cursive writing, and there! Not Helpful 10 Helpful Just use the pen that you think you feel more comfortable with, and the one you think makes your handwriting look better. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Yes, you can write beautifully with a pencil but you might have to sharpen it more.

Or, you can just use a mechanical pencil. Vote or submit your own photos below--otherwise, if you're looking for more perfect symmetry, check out this perfectionists' list. Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Not your original work? It's just writing on a piece of paper. I am sure you have other qualities that make you a unique and beautiful person. Why is most of these not in fonts?? Ok I know most I do have in fonts but there are that is not in font.

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Humans have a thing for perfection and order, and although most of us are getting worse at it every day, handwriting is no exception. True, it might be less important these days, but we mustn't dismiss the affect first impressions have on forming someone's opinion of you: if a handwritten note or letter takes the place of a face-to-face introduction, what .

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Call me crazy, (or cliché) but I really do think Romeo & Juliet has some of the most beautiful writing ever put to the page. I mean, Shakespeare invented his own words for goodness sake. Gotta give the ol' bard some kudos there.

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Aug 05,  · If you want to have beautiful writing, choose a pen or pencil with a soft grip, and practice your writing on lined paper, which will help you keep your writing straight. Sit up straight, yet comfortably, so your hand and 65%(57). For these masters of the handwritten note, writing by hand is almost a skill that is forbidden to have. I mean, just look at some of the mind-blowingly amazing way people are stringing together essays, math formulas and equations, lesson notes and thank-you cards with no grids or rulers, just tons of patience, highlighters and paper.

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Aug 09,  · Writing. Grammar Nazi(s) Reading. Quotes; Subscribe to RSS; March 23, in Words, Writing; 48 Comments; The Most Beautiful Words in English 48 responses to “The Most Beautiful Words in English” pksengupta says: March 23, at I fail to see why Susquehanna is included here. As in cursive writing, the lower case manuscript letters are made with one continuous stroke and most have "tails" (see the letter "a".) Modern Manuscript gained popularity in school districts in the United States in the late 's.