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Billy Elliot Essay

Billy Elliot - Module C Exploring Transitions - Trial Essay with integrated related material

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BILLY ELLIOT essaysLove and friendship plays a major role in everyday life. This is shown particularly well in the film Billy Elliot, directed by Stephan Daldry. It is set in Everington in , during the miners' strike.

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- How the Police are Depicted in The Blue Lamp and Billy Elliot I shall begin my essay by studying several scenes in the film 'Billy Elliot', which was made in , directed by .

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‘Billy Elliot’ is a film directed by Stephen Daldry that tells of a twelve year old boy called Billy. Raised in a working class family, Billy had always possessed a love for dancing. However, set during in the small mining town of Everington, his dream of becoming a ballet dancer proves to be difficult. Billy experiences conflict as he is torn between his affection for dancing shown in the lyrics in the opening scene “I danced myself right out of the womb” and the expectations of his father. Daldry employs cross-cutting between Billy’s dancing lessons and with scenes of his family at the picket line.5/5(1).

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Billy Elliot Study Guide. This student studied: HSC - Year 12 - English (Standard) A study guide for the film Billy Elliot that details it's context involving great Britain and the director. Also the dramatic and cinematic conventions in the film. Essay on Comparison of Billy Elliot the Movie and Novel Words | 3 Pages. Comparison of Billy Elliot the Movie and Novel The film, 'Billy Elliot' is about a boy called Billy, who loves dancing. The story is set in the north of England in the s, where the only jobs outside cities would be in factories or coal mining.