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❶The phone number on her order matched perfectly with her active number!!!

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The company is a subsidiary of Macy's, Inc. Bloomingdale's was started in by brothers Joseph and Lyman G. The chain of department stores features everything, including clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, and house ware. At the present time, the company operates store locations in 12 states across the United States. In spring , Bloomingdale's plans to launch the first company's international outlet with apparel and home stores in Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates.

Bloomingdales is ranked out of in E-commerce category. All reviews E-commerce Bloomingdales 72 Customer Service. Wedding and Gift Registry: New York, NY Top 5 Dislikes about Bloomingdales Terrible customer service, Not following through on orders, Worst customer service system ever will never buy again, Difficulty obtaining products, Customers service. Z Gallerie reviews.

This is the biggest scam!!! The supervisor cancelled my order. These companies are going downhill fast. I took these up for Gift Wrapping. I queried if there would be any Customs duty payable. The response from the Gift wrapping Girl was NO. She stated that the Goods would be received in TWO days. The Package was sent in error to New Jersey and then Kentucky. I was charged as customs duty by UPS. IT is inefficient and unresponsive.

I called their customer service and they advised that I need to take it to one of their local stores. I went to the local store Burberry section and explained to them that the item I bought is defective. They advised that their return policy is 1 year from purchase and since it is over a year they cannot accept the defective coat.

I called Bloomingdales Corporate office and state my claim of the matter. They took my information and advised that they will research the issue with the store and get back to me. Two hours later I received a phone call from the Corporate Office that they cannot accept the defective coat and stand behind the local store decision!

They are unreasonable and don't care about their customers. I am currently pregnant and my family wanted to make me a present with fine jewelry. We decided to do the shopping at Bloomingdale's. Tried three different accounts via three different family members, and for every one of them the email to call back and "verify" information came back! After phone calls and phone calls, the people at the customer service were not only not helpful but also said that "the phone number did not verify", and according to him what that meant was that we did not provide a cell phone registered under our name, and we cannot have an order processed!

We moved to Kosovo in and obviously that we don't have an active cell phone in the US, but all other information Billing and shipping and bank account was registered in the US. What was supposed to be a nice and pleasant experience, turned out to be the worst headache that I've experienced during the entire pregnancy. This gift was going to be dear to my heart and passed on through generations! However choosing Bloomingdale's to go through this was the worst idea!

I have always been a loyal customer when I lived in the US, but I don't think I will be going back there neither physically nor online any longer! Today, I saw their advertisement on bloomingdales. However, they did not allow me to use Bloomingdale's American Express Credit Card right away and they even said that some items I placed are restricted to order and pay by this credit card.

What in the world is this kind of limitation when using Credit Card??? Their own website says one thing, and their own employees including managers say differently! I recently purchased an undergarment to wear under my wedding dress from Bloomingdale's. I researched their return policy to ensure that if I did not like it or if it did not fit, I would be able to return it, since I know that many stores will not allow the returns of any undergarments.

Satisfied that I could return it if I was unhappy, I purchased and received it promptly. I tried it on over clean underwear and bra to be sanitary, I quickly realized it was way too small. I packaged it up and returned it just a few days later. Weeks went by and I finally received an e-mail that follows: The merchandise is being sent back to the shipping address on your order. If you have questions regarding the return policy, please visit bloomingdales. While we cannot process your refund, please know that we value your business and thank you for shopping at Bloomingdale's.

I called their suggested customer service number and all the woman did was restate the e-mail in various forms. Never shopping at Bloomingdale's again. I placed my order on their website, got charged and got the email confirmation. They waited a while and then canceled the order. This product is available in their stores and also available from the manufacturer.

I emailed their customer support and they have been unresponsive. This is a terrible company on the major decline and they are riding on their old legacy. I wouldn't shop here again or recommend them to anyone, especially when there are so many better retailers out there. The next day they cancel my order saying it's out of stock. When I check the website.

When I called they say that it's different item. Please note that these are exact same item as I have seen them in store. The pictures and description on the website will prove that its the same item. They just tweaked the words and created a new web ID to not honor the price.

It's appalling that such a big company cheats on their customers. And when I showed them the example they were extremely rude. However, I cannot get the 24, points either. This is a simple double counting problem. But it costs me 3 hours today but still cannot fix it. I talked to 2 agents, 1 supervisor and 1 manager.

The first agent was super rude and even was yelling me. The supervisor only let me wait 72 hours so they can do an i