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The depiction of ideas and thoughts through symbols and pictures led the way to words and finally the origin of writing. Greeks experimented with metals sharp edges, bones and ivory using them as stylus and scribbled marks upon wax tablets. The tablets made in hinged pairs, closed to protect the scribe's notes. Pure hand written text messages originated in Greece, scholar Cadmus invented the written letter, text messages written and send from one individual to the other.

Chiseled pictograph communication earlier by humans transformed into scribbled text by the stylus and wax tablets of the great Greeks was just the foundation of the graphic art form. The Indian ink invented by the Chinese, was a mixture of soot from pine smoke and lamp oil, musk and gelatin. Other cultures developed the basic writing material "ink" from berries, plants, and minerals. In earliest forms of writing use of different colored inks stood for various religious meanings. The early civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greeks communication scripts inked on papyrus and parchment papers served the basic paper.

The oldest written material on papyrus dates back to B. The Romans created a reed-pen perfect for parchment and ink, from the hollow tubular-stems of marsh grasses, especially from the jointed bamboo plant. They converted bamboo stems into a primitive form of fountain pen. They cut one end into the form of a pen nib or point. A writing fluid or ink filled the stem, squeezing the reed-forced fluid to the nib. The writing instrument that dominated for the longest period in history over one-thousand years was the quill pen.

Introduced around A. Goose feathers were most common; swan feathers were of a premium grade being scarcer and more expensive. For making fine lines, crow feathers were the best, and then came the feathers of the eagle, owl, hawk, and turkey.

Plant-fiber paper became the primary medium for writing after another dramatic invention took place: Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press with replaceable wooden or metal letters in Simpler kinds of printing e. The letter forms we use today were not always, as we see them now. Over the past years, they evolved, linked to the rise and fall of civilizations, different cultures adding their own distinct imprint on the symbols of language. Johannes Gutenberg, who cast individual blocks out of lead, each bearing a raised letter, invented printed letters in the fifteenth century.

In Gutenberg's system, thousands of metal characters are stored in graded wooden cases and assembled by hand into fields of text. The printer inks the raised surfaces of the letters and passes the type and paper through a press.

After the job is printed, the metal letters returned to their cases, ready to be composed into new texts. AdvertisingAdvertising is a form of communication used to influence individuals to purchase products or services or support political candidates or ideas. Frequently it communicates a message that includes the name of the product or service and how that product or service could potentially benefit the consumer. Advertising often attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume a particular brand of product or service.

Earlier the ads were vocal, street criers served the main source of communication. Greeks advertised by shouting announcements of the sale of cattle and slaves. Printed advertisements also developed early. A 3,year-old ad from Thebes calls for the recovery of a slave.

In Rome, signs pasted up proclaiming circuses and gladiator matches. Handbills and notices invaded the advertising field in middle Ages, because few people could read so these notices mostly were drawings.

The signs usually advertised the goods of individual merchants. The very first newspaper made its appearance in England in "The Weekly News". In , a Paris doctor opened a shop where you could post an ad for 3 souse, by the mid s many such offices existed. This was the beginning of the centralization of advertising. These shops did not write ads or move ads out into external media like the modern advertising agency. An ad appeared in a newspaper for Robert Turner's Dentifrice in brand names were coming into use.

The London Gazette announced, in , that it was going to print advertisements. Newspaper ads became the rage. By , shopping guides were being published which consisted entirely of ads.

In the s, England was glutted with pasted-up notices and posters. London became jammed with large advertising signs announcing merchants' places of business. The signs became so numerous that Charles II proclaimed, "No signs shall be hung across the streets shutting out the air and the light of the heavens. Techniques of language and layout with a mixture of images and words flourished and gained popularity. Featuring the functionality of the ENT workstation, look along with the condensed footprint and economy of a treatment cabinet, find the C11 is a breakthrough for exams rooms everywhere.

Easy-to-use and infinitely upgradeable, this perfect harmony of style and function is exceptionally When you choose the Omni patient monitor from Infinium Medical you will also receive other great features and benefits like: Simultaneous multi-lead EKG monitor Large, viagra buy easy-to-read fonts OxyCRG Wireless network compatibility Four hour backup battery Rigid, viagra mg high quality construction 72 hour graphic and tabular trending ISO and CE certified Each patient monitor from Infinium Medical is tested and retested in real world situations by trained medical professionals to ensure that you are receiving the best medical monitoring technology available.

Our medical monitors are proven to be durable and consistent, so you and your patients can rest assured that you are getting the best in patient monitoring wherever and whenever needed All that is required is a proper seal at the ear canal and pressing a single button to initiate the test. The printed results reveal a Pass or Refer and the actual data can be reviewed by the program administrator.

Expanded protocols allow up to 6 frequency evaluations extending up to 12kHz with the Distortion Product model.

Proven technology simplifies service! Float Chamber — Automatically adjusts from liquid to vapor for most efficient recovery.

Electronic Scale — Makes it simple to recharge to factory specifications; also weighs recovered refrigerant and provides tank overfill protection. Versatility for many types of systems! Single-Pass Recycling — Makes an initial This enables side-by-side visualization of the same location on the retina for each visit.

CIRRUS compares measurements from the current and prior visits to provide a thickness change map that helps you determine next steps for your patient. Infinium Medical has been designing and manufacturing anesthesia systems since Additional storage space for equipment and a large Home About Us Contact Us. Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR The compact footprint and design of the RM and KR can save space and add functionality to the contemporary eye care practice.

The Omni Patient Monitor When you choose the Omni patient monitor from Infinium Medical you will also receive other great features and benefits like: Robinair — B Proven technology simplifies service!

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