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Essay Proofreader: Hire Our Professional Proofeading Services

11-Item Checklist

❶These are some of the problems that, at one point, we all have to go through. Also, consider sharing it with one or two friends or trusted adults to get a second opinion.

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What you need to look for in an essay proofreader?
1. Does the essay clearly address the selected topic or prompt?

Funderbunk did an excellent job in rephrasing some of my sentences, making it more smooth and powerful. The edits have made me feel 10x more confident in my personal statement. Thank you so much!!!! I appreciated the honest critique and the overall outcome. It helped streamline my thoughts which helped the overall flow. It was more then what I was expecting.

As a whole, Amy's edit made my essay significantly better. The only issue I have was the fact that I mentioned in my order that the essay has a word limit and she did not shorten my submission to that limit. Thank you very much!!! We use strong principles and requirements, which guide our work upon the projects. Ordering proofreading in our site, you can be sure that:. So, do you want to have guaranteed entry to your favored college? Do you want to have an outstanding essay that can lead you to enhance your professional experience and career?

You are two steps from your dream, you need only to write an essay, upload it to our site and get your work proofread after some time. Reach success with our proofreading services. You will succeed with great college admission essays You need to send a CV to apply for a great job but you cannot get it without the proper qualification?

How to write great college admission essays? There are three basic solutions to get your admission essay done: How have these changes shifted your perspective? How will you change moving forward? Having trouble coming up with details? Think of the following: What did you do? When did this occur? Is there an important chronological context? Where did this occur?

Is the setting relevant to the story? Why did this happen? Why did you react or act the way you did? How did you go about solving this problem? A Good Candidate for Admission Remember that another key purpose of the college essay is to show your school of choice that you are a strong candidate for admission. This is the Barebones Exercise, a helpful exercise to determine whether you told an effective story and demonstrated your personality, values, and themes: Grab a highlighter and print your college essay.

Highlight the most important sentences of your essay. These sentences should include topic sentences, sentences that propel the story, and sentences that imply or state your values.

Write or copy and paste those highlighted sentences into a new document. Organize the sentences by the order in which they appear in your college essay.

Read the sentences in order. How does it sound? This is the barebones version of your essay. What message are you getting? Is your simplified story still a cohesive narrative? Does this barebones version of your essay still imply or state the newfound values found in the conclusion of your original essay? What will the college admissions officer learn about you?

Do you stick to the topic? Highlight your topic sentences. Underline the set-up sentences that immediately follow your topic sentences. Now, read your highlighted topic sentences. Ask yourself whether they are properly telling the story. Read your set-up sentences that follow your topic sentences. Do they support the topic sentence or main idea of the story?

Are you getting off track? Do you exaggerate or sound overconfident or doubtful? Are you providing unnecessary details?

Spend your money wisely to abide by the word count. Does it properly end the story in your own image? Are you using pop culture or literary phrases?

Too many of these supplant your voice for an artificial one. Are you closing the loop? Open-ended endings are perfectly fine but difficult to execute. Did you answer the essay prompt? Are you covering too much ground? If so, rewrite and decrease the scope of the essay.

Your job is to write effectively, not compose the next Harry Potter entry. A good mix of short and long sentences Sentence variety gives writing rhythm and life. Editing Editing means fixing basic errors like spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and word usage.

Are all words spelled correctly? Alternatively, research proper use of punctuation on the Internet or at the library. Do you abide by the word count? Start cutting down your introduction.

That means you tried to explain things and give full but ineffective context to your situation. Then, cut down your conclusion. Be sure to lop off parts that needlessly explain your ending, but be careful not to eliminate useful aspects of your resolution.

Do you repeat things in different words? Are your quotes of appropriate length? Do you overuse aphorisms? Are your similes of appropriate length? Do you use too many? Are your metaphors of appropriate length? Do you use too many analogies? Are any of them excessively clumsy? Look at your advanced words Are any of them excessively clumsy?

Are you trying too hard to sound smart? Do you use these words in everyday writing? If not, they might not be a good fit for your essay.

Sentence Structure Check that word usage and sentence structure is grammatically correct as well. Subject-verb agreement Consistent verb tenses not switching back and forth between past and present, for example Are there any run-on sentences or sentence fragments?

How to write great college admission essays?

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The essay gives admissions officers insight into your personality, goals, and interests, plus an idea of how you will fit into and contribute to their college campus. For these reasons, revising and editing is an essential step in the college essay writing process.

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11 Tips for Proofreading and Editing Your College Essay. September 10, For more essay writing and editing help, read: The Biggest Mistakes We’ve Seen on College Admissions Essays. Looking for help with your college applications?

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With college admissions essay help from our editors, you’ll show why you deserve a spot in next year’s class. View a sample essay. Sample Essay. Proofreading. from $ Features; Pricing; Combines proofreading with an expert critique to help you strengthen your writing; One constructive critique around structure, content and tone. And an essential one is college admission essay quality. But how can you apply if you are not good at essay writing? We want to ensure you, everything is much easier than you think. To write an essay and get it proofread by professional editors from portal. Your work will not have grammar or lexical .

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Is it OK for Someone to Proofread Your College Application Essay? but writing an essay for a student or significantly rewriting an essay is not. Their insight may help you focus your essay. You never know when you might need our essay editing services. Proofreading is not the same as writing. Let us consider several more situations where you might need our help. You've been writing an essay yourself, and the manuscript is almost ready? Dissertation Writing; Admission / Application Essay; Editing and Proofreading; .