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Happy New Year Essay 2019, Speech on New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Speech

❶I researched that plastic that has sat in landfills for a period of time can turn into a sort of chemical waste.

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Essay on New Year celebration
Essay on My New Year Resolution

Taking up ourselves to Good Grades: Wiping Away Procrastination From Life: One of the toughest to avoid but bad of all habits is Procrastination. We should get rid of the habit delaying any task till the last day. If we start completing all our tasks on time, we can prove to be the best in everything. Learning A New Language: It is always wise to learn as many languages as possible. So, planning to learn a new and foreign language can be considered a cool New Year Resolution. As Students, we know that it is high time we go green.

The adverse effects the environment is facing, like Melting Glaciers, Global Warming, Worst Disasters can all be lessened to some extent by being Eco-friendly. Being Kind to All: Above all, trying to be kind to everyone despite of how others treat us can considered the best New Year Resolution. There is no such good habit like Loving our Fellow Human Beings. The above resolutions are just a short list that fits to any person.

But, we have to sit and analyse about ourselves and come up with a New Year Resolution that makes us a better person in the upcoming year. Rajeshkannan MJ December 31, 2: It is a wonder we even leave the house, but then most violence and murders happen at home, where can we really be safe???

But back to the resolution, I decided to start small; going to the cinema or taking a cup of coffee alone, all by myself. It is new to me; I have always had friends with me when I go out, and all of the sudden I do it by myself. Just like it will be when I go to other places, before I get to know people. It is the best way to get to know people, because you are not hold back by travelling with friends. It was a Sunday, the day decided to start my resolution.

It all started going wrong as soon as I opened the front door, it rained buckets and hurricane wind blew me around. The train was late. I could not help feeling like the whole world tried to tell me not to go.

But I did go, and I am very glad I did. Because of the train delays I had less time to get to the cinema, and therefore half ran threw the whole city, only to be there almost an hour before the film started. When I got in, things finally started going right. I was seated right in the middle. Have you ever played the cinema commercial game? Going solo, makes it much more fun: When I got out, I was really proud! The weather was also light, sunny as if the whole world was smiling to me.

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New year is a time when many people around the world make promises however, many of the promises made by people are rarely completed. I plan to recycle and improve my grade. My first resolution of the new year newssous.tkly I really need to recycle more to protect the ozone layer.

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New resolution for year A new moment, new day, new month and new year; everything is looking fresh and rejuvenate to me as a new sun shining after one whole year. The year is over and now we are moving forward in with lots of new opportunities for everyone.

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Nevertheless, I’m making some New Year’s Resolutions for I’m also checking in on the ones I made a year ago. I actually did pretty well on following through on my promises, so I’m intentionally bucking the “no-resolution” trend this year. Report on “Ressaylutions”: 1. Essay on My New Year Resolution. My new year resolution is not to have any new year resolution. That sounds negative, isn’t it? But it’s not. Let me explain. New year resolution is one of the hyped modern (pop culture) tradition or some might call it a fad. People promise themselves to do a certain thing on the new years eve.

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% FREE Papers on New year resolution essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. A new moment, new day, new month and new year; everything is looking fresh and rejuvenate to me as a new sun shining after one whole year. The year is over and now we are moving forward in with lots of new opportunities for everyone.