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Should College Athletes Be Paid Research Paper


❶They are taking a huge gamble with their future by attempting to pin it onto making it big in the sports world.

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Paying College Athletes
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In the past, some schools have experimented with paying their players a stipend for the work that they do on the field or the court. Of course, those who signed up when the amount was in force will most likely still receive it, but that does not mean that others will be able to get it - even though it was previously offered to some. Paying athletes is important, the school argued, not because of the money they make for the school but because they work so hard and they often do not get a completely free ride in the sense that all of their tuition and other fees are covered.

Still, many colleges and athletes and the parents of those athletes believe that college athletics is less of a sport and more of a money-making endeavor for the college Eassom, ; Hill, While the students are, technically, there to get a college education, the argument is that they are given a high level of breaks and are provided with easy classes so that they can stay eligible to play their sport.

For them, the college experience is not about learning and their resume is their actual playing ability. They are being watched and monitored when they play, and those who do exceptionally well are often "drafted" right out of their college careers and into professional sports, where they will be paid handsomely. For those athletes who do not make it that far, though, the issue is more about how hard they work while they are in college and how much benefit they provide to their school.

Being paid for that is important, just like being paid for any other job. The Argument for Not Paying Athletes The history of college athletics does not allow for them to be paid, and why should history be changed at this point?

Many athletes want to be paid while they play their way through college Hill, ; Nocera, Their families also often think that they should be paid, because they work very hard and they bring in a lot of revenue for the school. However, there are two solid arguments as to why these athletes should not be paid for what they do. First, they are already being "paid" in the sense that they are getting a free ride academically and financially. They, in exchange for playing a game they are good at and that they enjoy, are provided with a college education.

Getting a college education is a privilege, not a right. Many people want to attend college, but not all of them can afford to do so. Additionally, many who do get through college do so with the help of grants and loans. When they get out, they can owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Naturally, that is a frightening prospect and one that can keep people from attending college at all. With that in mind, why should these athletes be paid anything more than the cost of their college education?

That is something that has to be carefully analyzed and addressed, and it is the main argument as to why it is not necessary to pay people who are college athletes. Just because they are not being handed a paycheck does not mean that they are not being healthily compensated for the "work" that they do in playing the game. Please note that while we value your input, we cannot respond to every message. Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work is displayed and post a comment on it.

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Email me when someone replies. Most college atheletes have scholorships to go to their specific college, that alone should be enough pay for them. I agree on what you are saying but there are more pros than cons as to why they should get paid I am also writing an essay based on this but towards their scholarships, you know they don't get full scholarships they miss a few thousand dollars a month.

College athletes make more money for them, they bring in more money for the NCAA and the athletic departments. And they still go against paying them. I respectfully disagree entirely with you. No, collegiate athletes should not be paid as much as pros, but they earned a salary. I am writing a paper on this for english class with the opposing side, so you did give me ideas! You write well and I enjoyed it, even though I disagree.

I made sure to use a well rounded use of sources which included a survey, online articles, newspaper articles, scholarly articles, and sports articles. I feel that statistics are the most effective way to present an argument to a reader because it is hard for a reader to decide against facts. Basically, it goes history, pros, cons, and then my argument. No fuss with this style.

I chose this form of organization because it provides the reader with the information in an organized way. It is easy for readers to find what the argument is, the pros, the cons, and my argument.

As a writer, I feel I have improved a lot since I began taking English Not only has my writing improved, but I feel my presentation skills and my vocabulary has improved as well. Through E nglish , I have learned how to write for a specific audience. I used to have trouble incorporating evidence in my papers.

After English , I feel like I do a much better job.

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Research Paper On Paying College Athletes  College Athletes Should be Paid Jean M Denis 11/03/14 Enc Freshmen Comp I I. Background and Thesis There has been major discussion recently concerning the topic if college athletes should or shouldn't be paid while they are attending school The first thing the opposition wants .

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College Sports: Paying Division One Athletes A huge debate has been on the rise lately relating to why division one athletes should get paid on top of obtaining a scholarship. The proposal states that athletes should be eligible to receive money based on a percentage of profit their school makes.

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Student athletes are not professional athletes they are students who attend college to receive an education and participate in sports that they have a scholarship for. Collegiate sports are not a career or profession it is a way for students to . - Paying College Athletes Every child at some point in their lives dream about becoming a rock star, doctor or an astronaut, but the career that stands out the most is becoming a .

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Paying college athletes is a difficulty because paying male athletes and female athletes equally would be a huge challenge. Though it may be a choice to play sports in college, I want to know the meaning behind athletes not getting paid. This research project has really improved my writing as a whole. This paper really showcased my writing abilities as a whole. i never would have thought that I would be writing papers upwards of 10 to 15 pages.