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❶Rosa was born on February 4th, in Tuskegee, Alabama.

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Rosa Parks Essay Examples

There are people whose role in the history of the mankind cannot be underestimated. There are people to whom we are grateful for the way the world we live in looks like. One of those people is Rosa Parks. She is notable for an action which led to the racial equality nowadays. This action seems ordinary nowadays, but at that time, in , it was an act of disobedience to the laws of that time, that were unfair from her point of view.

It all happened on December 1, in Montgomery, Alabama. At that time, the first four seats were reserved for white people, and when they were all occupied, a black person from the seats behind the first four had to give up their seat to a white passenger. What Rosa Parks did was to refuse to give up her seat to a white man saying she thought she was not obliged to do that.

As a result, she was arrested afterwards. Actually, this was not the first incident of this kind. But this was the first one that received much publicity. Rosa Parks was soon bailed out of prison, but she convinced herself that this was the last time she would be humiliated in the public transport.

Her friend Edgar Nixon, the president of Montgomery chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, decided to use this situation to start a bus boycott in Montgomery. The aim was to abolish segregation laws at least in the public transport in Montgomery. The boycott lasted for days, and in the Supreme Court deemed that the segregation on the public transport was unconstitutional. She was born to the parents of Leona Edwards, who was a teacher, and James McCauley, a stonemason and a carpenter.

Parks spent most of her childhood living with her mother's parents in Pine Level, a small town located in southeast Montgomery County. Parks started her education there in Pine Level in an all-black school that had fifty students and a single teacher. At the age of eleven, she was enrolled in the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls where she learnt to cook, sew, and take care of a house under the instruction of northern whites. At the age of sixteen, Parks was forced to quit school and take care of her mother.

She cleaned houses for whites on the side for some extra money. When Parks first met Raymond, she tried to avoid him and wasn't very fond of him. Raymond was eventually able to talk to Parks and she ended up liking Raymond and they ended up married Landden and Bowen.

After marrying Raymond, Parks went back to school and worked to get her high school diploma. She received her high school diploma at the age of twenty-one. A Civil Rights Activist. She worked as a secretary and often worked long shifts. Later in the year, Parks had her first incident with a bus driver. It had been a rainy day and Rosa had been waiting for a bus to take her home. When the bus eventually arrived, she got on and paid the fare, but instead of getting back off the bus and walking back onto the bus through the back doors, she walked through the white section of the bus and sat down in her seat.

Then, the bus driver got up and walked to the back of the bus where Parks was sitting. He demanded that she get off the bus and walk through the appropriate doors. As one may be able to see, at an early stage was already tired of being pushed around.

She decided that she would rather walk home then do what the bus driver told her to do Landden and Bowen. As Parks once said, "The more we [, the blacks,] gave in and complied, the worse they treated us" Landden and Bowen. She had also said, " Parks was ready for change. In that same year, Parks was elected as the secretary of the Montgomery branch.

In the s, Parks had a part-time job working as a seamstress for Virginia and Clifford Durr who encouraged Rosa in her civil rights work www. One of the candidates to start the bus boycott was Claudette Culvin. She ended up getting pregnant and the NAACP knew that it would look bad in court with a pregnant, un-married woman. The next candidate was Loise Smith, but she gave in too easily.

They finally selected Parks as their candidate. Even though Parks was a candidate to boycott the buses, her actual boycott was not planned, it just happened Landden and Bowen. As Rosa Parks said herself, "A person should not take a stand to make history.

Taking a stand for what is right is most important" The Montgomery Bus Boycott. On Thursday, December 1, , Parks' beliefs were shown to all. That evening, Parks boarded a crowded bus on her way home from work and took a seat in the colored section.

At one of the following stops, some white men boarded the bus and were unable to find seats in the 'White Only' section. The bus driver then ordered that she and three other black citizens give their seats up to the white men. The bus driver then asked her if she was going to move and she replied saying no. He then said that he was going to have to call the police, and Parks said that it was fine.

She was not going to give up her seat Landden and Bowen. The police came and Parks was arrested and escorted from the bus. Her trial was set for the following Monday www.

At the time, Parks was not scared, and did not really think of the possible punishments. She did know that she could be lynched, man-handled, or beaten by the police, but she felt that what she was doing was right and she stood up for what she believed Parks.

Parks has said to have been, " They handed out handbills to students to take to their parents, asked pastors to mention it in sermon, and even got cab drivers to charge 10 cents instead of the regular 45 cents. The handbill said, "Another Negro woman has been arrested and thrown into jail because she refused to get up out of her seat and give it to a white person This has to be stopped" Landden and Bowen.

It also stated that they wanted all blacks to stay off of the buses and to either catch a taxi or walk to work. This boycott was to start on the Monday. It was created because the NAACP had a bad reputation with the whites and a new organization meant that there was no reputation. He was chosen because, " That day, Parks did not go to work, but to the courthouse to await her trial. Parks' defense attorneys wanted to make sure that they would lose their case so they could go to higher court.

Laws were only changed in a higher court. Her court was thrown out of court because of a technicality and her conviction was upheld. A suit was then filed by Fred Gray that stated that segregation laws were unconstitutional and was filed on behalf of two women who had been arrested.

In November of , the Supreme Court ruled that the segregation in Montgomery were unconstitutional. King had told the news in a mass meeting, but wanted the boycott to continue until the court had sent the papers. On December 20th the official news arrived and on the 21st Dr. King and others rode the un-segregated buses for the first time. Parks was not with them because she stayed home that day, but reporters found where she lived and made her get on and off buses for pictures.

After Parks refused to give up her seat, there were many rumors that she did not do so because she was physically tired.

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Apr 19,  · A lot of people know Parks for standing up against racial segregation. She changed history by refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man. A lot of people say Rosa Parks was too tired to move, but she actually wasn’t tired from work just tired of moving for the whites.

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Rosa Parks Essay Examples. 65 total results. The Many Things That Make Rosa Parks Famous. words. An Analysis of the Hardships of Rosa Parks on the Topic of Racial Discrimination and the Concepts of Equality in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. An Introduction to the Issue of Racism in the United States. words.

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The Essay Judge +17 “Rosa Parks” Essay Review It seems to me that there are at least three important things going on this essay. 1. You make claims about Rosa Parks as a person: her greatness, her courage and so on. 2. You provide an historical review of the life of Rosa Parks, focusing on events related to the Civil Right’s Movement. 3. Rosa Parks firmly stood up for what she believed and it was time for her to show the world who she was and what she believed in. Rosa was born on February 4th, in Tuskegee, Alabama. Every since she was a little girl, her mother knew that God had a special purpose for her.

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Rosa Louise Parks The woman who earned the title “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement”, Rosa Louise Parks is an enormous inspiration to the African American race. Rosa was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, to James and Leona McCauley (The Life of Rosa Parks). Biography of Rosa Parks Words | 8 Pages. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks Introduction Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born in Tuskagee, Alabama, on February 4, , in an environment that promoted segregation-related principles.