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Core Values of the National Association of Social Workers Essay Sample

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❶Leaders inspire because they mirror the values held by their followers.

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The idea that there is a general quality behind all differences in ability, value, and circumstance, that qualifies people as having worth and value, is the foundation for the concepts of human rights. Because people regardless of their situations have a right to self-determination and equal justice, and they deserve basic respect.

Still, the social worker must value the client and show basic respect. To respect the dignity and worth of each individual means that social workers recognize the humanity within each person regardless of how that person may be judged by others. Social workers are reminded that there are times and circumstances when one individual, or a group of individuals have been judged to be less than fully humans.

Social workers must resist accepting such judgments, and must insist that individual clients be treated with dignity and respect in recognition of our common humanity.

An example of social workers need for allocating dignity and worth of every person is if a social worker has opposing views of their clients. If a woman chooses to stay in an abusive relationship and has no children, regardless of the social worker wanting her to leave the situation, then the social worker has to respect the ideas and beliefs of the client about what she thinks is best for herself.

The social worker may want to encourage the woman to leave, but the social worker needs to make her aware of the pro? Once the woman has decided what she wants to do, then the social worker should respect her choice. Dignity and worth of a person is necessary in order to establish social justice. Justice refers to fairness. It is often misconstrued to mean simply equality or humane generosity.

However, the concept of justice is much more complicated. Watching her parents start from scratch in a whole new country was always very inspiring to her. Although she was born in the United States, her extended family, including aunts, uncles, and grandparents had all been born in Iran. Theirs is a tight knight family group, one which is very different from the culture I was raised in.

She came to the career choice of social work because of her desire to really immerse herself into American society and give back to the society that had embraced her parents and other family members. The desire to strengthen the community that strengthened her family was one…… [Read More].

Social What Is Social Work. The social worker indentifies and encourages these strengths. In essence, the Strength's Perspective "…builds on the idea that client groups are untapped resources of energy and momentum in their own lives" The Strengths Perspective. This is an important alternative to the older pathological view of the client. Conclusion In conclusion, as the above discussion shows, answering the question what is social work involves a wide and interrelated range of issues, problems and theoretical methods and perspectives.

Social work is essentially about upliftment, protection and care, but it also includes a variety of social issues and situations that impact the lives of the individual in society.

These can include social issues such as race and gender prejudice as well as inbuilt biases and prejudices within the society. The social worker also has to take cognisance of a variety of theoretical sources and perspectives in order to deal with these issues and…… [Read More]. Social Work and Karen Culture. Vision Social workers contribute to a just society by being compassionate and caring individuals that provide the kind of support and assistance that people need in times of need.

They are the first lines of assistance when people are coming out of some emergency or tragedy. I feel like I would be able to help children and families deal with their hardships and be able to enable a positive growth in them. I feel I will be able to assist in the various problems and situations that can arise in life. Being from the Karen ethnic group and my family dealing…… [Read More]. The practice of generalist social work. Practice Learning in Social Work.

Human resources for health: What is the general job description for professional social worker, whether protective or one who has another job description? What are the minimum qualifications for this job? The role of a professional social worker is comprehensive and diverse.

A general job description would include elements like willingness to transport clients to and from services, helping clients to access the resources available to them, and actively communicating with clients on a daily basis. Whether in child protective services or not, a professional social worker interacts and teams with other related professionals including psychologists.

In the case study detailing a day in the life of a child protection services worker, the social worker teams with teachers as well as therapists. As the case study also shows, social workers will sometimes need to fill out forms to facilitate the legal processing of clients, helping clients navigate the tricky and complicated bureaucratic organizations…… [Read More].

Maurice Williams is the former director of Treatment Foster Care. However, Maurice indicates that his very first concern when he shows up for work is whether there were any disruptions overnight that need to be dealt with immediately.

In other words, a director of human services needs to address crises calmly, efficiently, and carefully. This requires following policy and procedure, involving…… [Read More]. Child Welfare 87 6: Collaboration, competition, and co-opetition. Children and Youth Services Review 38 Beyond the individual victim.

Journal of Applied Psychology 99 6: The effective child welfare unit supervisor. Administration in Social Work 36 Social Work and Military Veterans Application. The connection between combat experience and mental health has been extensively researched, and the literature is clear and consistent: The results of the Rand study may come as no surprise to military families and ex-combatants, but social workers and psychologists do remain critically untrained in the issues specific to American veterans.

For this and other reasons such as stigma related to seeking mental health services, veterans continue to be the most vulnerable to mental health issues. Almost , American veterans each year experience homelessness each year…… [Read More].

Role theory and social role theory are flexible sociological frameworks that can be used to better understand clients. Incorporating role theory into social work when counseling clients like Joe will help guide the processes of assessment, intervention, and evaluation. Although not an exclusive, comprehensive, or self-contained theory, role theory nevertheless shows how a person cannot be understood in isolation of cultural, family, and normative variables.

Without taking into account the importance of social roles in personal and social identity construction, social workers might not be able to overcome their own biases when working with clients like Joe. Similarly, social…… [Read More]. Evidence for the social role theory of stereotype content: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 3: The ecological perspective encourages social workers to view clients in terms of their relationships with their environments, including factors like family systems, culture, institutions, and hierarchies.

As part of the psychosocial orientation, the ecological approach generally considers three different levels of individual experience: The macro level includes broader societal factors including those related to public policy but also to culture, norms, worldview, and value systems. Mezzo structures include intermediate social institutions such as schools or neighborhood level organizations.

The ecological model provides a balanced view of the client because it takes into account the interplay between micro, mezzo, and macro levels rather than limiting the focus on just one problem. Similarly, a generalist approach to social work can interface with the ecological model. Social Work and Political Advocacy. Social workers often have commitments to specific policies, laws, or funding of programs that are vital to the population they serve or an issue that they strongly support.

Such commitments often lead social workers to become involved in political issues and the campaigns of specific candidates. Being a social worker, such campaign experiences, the outcomes of your efforts, and how effective you felt you were may affect your view of the political process and the likelihood of becoming involved in similar campaigns in the future. Social workers' involvement in political advocacy is usually influenced by the impact of politics on social work practice.

Through advocacy and lobbying in the political arena, social workers seek to promote changes in legislation and policy to enhance social conditions and promote social justice towards meeting basic human needs. In essence, social workers' participation in political advocacy is geared towards protecting individuals' rights and enhancing…… [Read More].

Social Work Research Marriage Is. Annotated Bibliography Gayle, V. Young people's entry into higher education: Oxford Review of Education, 28 1 , Among these factors are social status, economic issues, marital status, and gender issues. For this study, the researchers examined many different individuals at a higher education institution and determined their demographic characteristics. Social Work Informatics in Child Protection Social Work esearch The research design for this study utilizes mixed methods in order to identify variables that function as benefits and inhibitors of the use of technology by child protection case workers.

Surveys that are a hybrid of quantitative correlational survey techniques and qualitative approaches will be conducted with case workers Creswell, Accordingly, the survey will contain both close-ended and open-ended items, such that quantitative data is available for analysis of correlations and qualitative data is available for grounded…… [Read More].

Social Work Care Case Study. This is especially true in situations like the Parker family's, in which there are multiple interrelated issues affecting the family and those issues require input from a wide variety of diverse healthcare workers.

The National Association of Social Workers NASW stresses the importance of developing and maintaining cross-disciplinary partnerships and partnerships across different organizations that can "enhance access to and continuity of care for social work clientele," p. Therefore, the most important thing to address whether in public policy or administrative procedure is to have protocols and standards in place for coordinating care across various disciplines and agencies.

The Parker family is dealing with several interrelated issues that include mental health issues but also gerontological ones. More effective coordination of care would help increase and improve access to mental health services for Stephanie while also addressing Sara's…… [Read More]. Social Work Critical thinking, a higher order of thinking about and dealing with issues, is quite relevant in many contemporary disciplines, particularly social work. It is a way of looking at information, of processing that information in an analytical manner, and having the ability to bring both life experience and other information to bear on the regular processes of one's discipline.

Certainly, it can be used as an approach to daily lie, reading, public speaking, even watching movies or attending a concert. Within the social work discipline, it is a way to take a careful appraisal of beliefs and actions and then arrive at well-reasoned and thoughtful interventions that increase the likelihood of helping clients and avoiding harm -- reasonable and reflecting attitudes that help decide what to do and when Papell and Skolnik, Social work, and other medical and sociological and medical disciplines often turn toward theory as…… [Read More].

Social Work and Welfare the. Addams included a large amount of environmental reforms in her program for Hull House. One of the most prominent incorporated her labors to address the unhealthful heaps of garbage in immigrant areas because of a lack of public interest. The mayor of Chicago ultimately appointed Addams garbage inspector for her region a job that she took very seriously. Addams managed garbage collectors and took violators of garbage policies to court. Even though Addams and her associates frequently started reforms, the immigrants had a dynamic role as well, helping in knowledge gathering and its communication to their neighbors Settlement House Movement, Her casework practice, managerial talents, research, and stress on social work education fashioned a professional environment in what was beforehand thought to be just charity work.

This professionalized social work permitted philanthropic…… [Read More]. Journal of Social Work Education, 36 3 , Demographics were taken into consideration in relation to social work program enrollment influences.

Black MSW graduates were found to be most influenced by advancing their careers, acquiring new skills, and maintaining a professional status. Attitudes toward the poor and attributions for poverty. Journal of Social…… [Read More]. Social ork History Like America, Canadian social work has always been about helping the poor and distressed citizens of the nation.

The ideas from England had migrated to America and Canada. Both countries are based on migrants from other countries. There were many movements that developed and promoted social work and the ways that social work was implemented. The industrial revolution had left many unemployed without proper job training for the new work.

Migrants were migrating from country to country and from rural areas to the cities causing cities to be overcrowded with unemployment, low wages, and homelessness. One area that differed from American social work and Canadian social work was the way the poor and disadvantaged were viewed and the systematic investigation approach in Canada.

The poor were viewed negatively by other citizens. It was felt the problems the poor had were a result of a weakness of character. Social Work Assessment From My. Therefore, today's society in the United States is diverse, which is something a social worker needs to understand and know how to deal with each diverse group.

Furthermore, through research, it has been discovered most ethnic groups that live in the United States consist of young people, which means by staying in this country, they grow accustom to their surroundings. Once they have grown accustom to living here, they feel like this is their home to start a life with their own families.

This continues the growing number of ethnic groups in this country. Due to the educational accommodations that schools and college campuses make for students that have ethnic backgrounds, there is not enough prejudice of one group to let a Holocaust to occur in the United Stated.

Furthermore, this country believes in freedom of speech to allow one ethnic to be isolated from the rest and condone any…… [Read More]. This in turn generates a kind of societal morality. As a consequence, social order becomes an incorporated trait of everyday life. According to the theory, what people see as standards are indirect behavioral rules. Infringements of the standard lead to diverse amounts of punishment depending on how common the standard may be.

Chastisements can come in the shape of being disqualified from one's social group, critical looks, or imprisonment in the case of harsh infringements like killing or assault Jeanty, As sociologists and historians examine social work, they often see a profession the spirit of which is social control. For them the language of therapy, assisting, or even empowerment masquerades a coercive center. Various recent literature of the vocation, conversely, has confronted the attitude of those researchers who depend on case reports as proof of what social workers in fact do in the field has highlighted empowerment in the…… [Read More].

Social Work Defined This Work. In the case of disclosure to harm oneself or others, the social worker has an ethical responsibility to refer the individual for further evaluation and possible commitment to a psychiatric facility equipped to aid the individual and potentially avert any future harm.

The social worker must then use his or her professional judgment to determine if such goals or proposed actions pose a serious and imminent threat to self or others. The NASW code identifies this need to disclose as the social worker's ethical responsibility to larger society.

National Association of Social Workers, Additionally, as part of the NASW Code the social worker is ethically bound to aide in the individual's self-determination and to help them give voice to and even codify their goals.

National Association of Social Workers, Ultimately, it is the primary goal of the social worker to help clients identify potential problems in social functioning. The book also offers specific tools and techniques to improve effectiveness at being both a manager and a leader. Leaders inspire because they mirror the values held by their followers.

Plachy suggests that when followers subsequently empower leaders to advocate on their behalf, the leader becomes a "leader-manager. The hybrid leader-manager role is one that characterizes the social work profession. Social workers straddle the line between leadership and management because of their role as guides, helpers, and advocates. These multiple roles make some social workers…… [Read More].

Social Work Under the California Child Abuse and Neglect eporting Law, counselors, teachers, and other professionals are legally obliged to report suspected abuse or neglect. The legal obligation to report instances of child abuse or neglect to a local, state or federal social services agency is generally a good idea because it ensures reporting by teachers, counselors, and others who are in contact with the child.

It is assumed that mandatory reporting means immediate and beneficial intervention. The reality is more complicated than this. Alerting child protective services can have unwanted detrimental effects on the child. Theoretically, with a legal obligation, the individual is more motivated…… [Read More].

Social Work Theory of Attachment. Retrieved October 7, from the World Wide Web: John Grohol who is a renowned psychologist and owner of this web portal.

John Bowlby and Attachment heory. In this book, Jeremy Holmes provides a focused and coherent account of Bowlby's life and work, based on interviews with…… [Read More]. Social Work the Importance of. Cradock's study of a correlation between population categories and child abuse lead to the development of an assessment tool that allowed social workers to determine when children were at risk for child abuse and when to intervene and what actions would be seen as an over-intervention.

By using this assessment, social workers will not only know how to identify the serious danger of child abuse and what children are at-risk for being abused, but also the assessment makes it possible for social workers to determine when intervening in the situation may be dangerous or unnecessary for the children involved.

Of similar importance are the tools developed to assess and evaluate those convicted of both child physical and sexual abuse. In Milner and Murphy's study, the methods of assessment and evaluation are discussed and critiqued.

These methods, including interview, observation, personality tests, and offender-specific assessments, are all studied in…… [Read More]. Social Work Is a Field. How do you think you are going to provide for your family and the lifestyle you are accustomed to? They too may emphasize the masculine aspects of their jobs to "reduce the dissonance between their professional and gender identities" and to justify their career choices Christie, , p.

Thereby, male social workers adhere more closely to the social definition of masculinity" ritton, J. The young people who are trying to enter into a social work profession "hope to advance research and social work services for men…… [Read More]. Social Work Macro Social Intervention. The GEMS effort was to create a social environment that encouraged healthy eating and exercise, and expanded health literacy in a fun manner, and was accessible to young girls. It is easier to change health-related behaviors in the young, and the program tried to address the unique and often more acute problem of obesity in African-American young girls.

The entire community and family units were incorporated into the program effort. Positive aspects of the African-American community, such as strong social support, were used by the study designers, also in line with social cognition theory. Existing support structures and social learning were combined: During Family Nights, families of…… [Read More].

Social Work Preparation Exercises. She said that on the previ-ous Saturday night, her year-old daughter Amy had come home after her 9: She says that she " grounded" her daughter but now wants to talk with a social worker about the situation. Cannon requested an appointment for herself alone, indicating that she wanted to sort things out with someone before she dealt further with her daughter.

She said, " 've never had any trouble whatsoever from Amy. She's been a wonderful child. She indicated…… [Read More]. Social Work Supervision of Clinical. By improving their self knowledge, leaders can change and develop as leaders of people. Clinical supervision for leaders is sometimes called administrative clinical supervision. This is managerial clinical supervision with a focus on problems related to leadership and organization of work, particularly human relations issues.

Administrative clinical supervision makes use of experiential learning focused on oneself and one's work Sirola-Karvinen and Hyrkas, Administrative clinical supervision means clinical supervision for leaders that address leadership issues in order to achieve set goals. Supervision promotes cohesion within the organization and is directed at change. Administrative clinical supervision is the examination of leadership in which leaders have the chance to reflect upon the quality of their decisions and share their feelings.

In terms of action, administrative clinical supervision involves process-like support and mentoring, which boost the leader's confidence in coping with leadership duties and changes associated with it. Administrative clinical supervision addresses issues…… [Read More]. Social Work the Beginnings of.

Huff, Social ork, , Chapter 1, p. During the first depression occasioned by this split between the haves and the have-nots in , private relief organizations could not cope. Traditional agencies such as the Children's Aid Society and the Salvation Army were overwhelmed, incapable of meeting the demands placed on their services.

Huff, Social…… [Read More]. Social Work Policy Analysis the. This is based on the theory, posed by citizens, that certain individuals afflicted with terminal illnesses should have the legal right to hasten their death. As a result, individuals that acquire these disabilities often view death as an extremely viable solution.

Family Group Conference is a good illustration of this collaborative family-centred approach. Findings of international research Kanyi, , p. However, the meaning of family has diverse depending on context and use. In New Zealand context, legal definitions of family relationships are changing in order to take into consideration of social and cultural norms.

There are variety forms of family in NZ such as de-facto relationship, extended families of Maori whanau and same sex family. Consequently, in terms of practice, it should be considered the boundaries of family. Further consideration should be given to economically, geographically, culturally and socially marginalized families. Cultural advisor, Choice and Partnership Approach and flexible location of appointments initiated by CAMHS can be encourage to better engagement in social work practice Appleby and Phillips, , More importantly, social work practitioners should have cultural competency.

Culture can be defined as a unique aspect of human being and a way of life. Upon the understanding of ecological theory, families could share and be influenced by culture as a macro system. For example, the use of te reo Maori, karakia and whakapapa when working with Maori family can be formed by showing appreciation and respect for their backgrounds that can contribute to deeper engagement and rapport Mooney, , p.

Not only rapport is essential when working with Maori, but practical use of youth culture also can be beneficial implements for youth to enhance engagement. Another, effective communication skills are core to good work with children and families.

Core Values of the National Association of Social Workers Essay Sample

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Social work is a profession that focuses on people of all ages. The definition given by the International Federation of Social Workers is, The above definition states that social work values include solving problems, enhancing well-being, human rights, social justice, empowerment, social change and liberation. The international definition of social work according to the BASW code of ethics is the social work profession is there to promote social change, Solving problems that occur in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being.

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Essay on Social Work As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a social worker. Even at a young age, I was always helping people in whatever way possible. I had to grow up and learn responsibility at a very young age. I grew up in a family of fourteen children, along with many challenges like some sickness and some death. Essay: Social work Social work is described as art merged with science (Connolly & Harms, , p.4). The science aspects of social work are comprehended by the evidence-based knowledge derived from researches and practice theories.