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statics engineering homework help

Dynamics homework from physics experts:
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Mesh Current Method and Its Application. And today, we shall consider another method for… Read more…. A body force is generated by virtue of the position of a body within a force field such as a gravitational, electric, or magnetic field. An example of a body force is the weight of a body in the Earth's gravitation pull. Moment of a force In addition to the tendency to move a body in the direction of its application, a force can also tend to rotate a body about an axis.

The axis may be any line which neither intersects nor is parallel to the line of action of the force. This rotational tendency is known as the moment M of the force. Moment is also referred to as torque. Equilibrium equations The static equilibrium of a particle is an important concept in statics. A particle is in equilibrium only if the resultant of all forces acting on the particle is equal to zero. In a rectangular coordinate system the equilibrium equations can be represented by three scalar equations, where the sums of forces in all three directions are equal to zero.

An engineering application of this concept is determining the tensions of up to three cables under load, for example the forces exerted on each cable of a hoist lifting an object or of guy wires restraining a hot air balloon to the ground.

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