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Why Taking Risks Comes With Great Rewards

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❶When they finally managed to close the well they publicly admitted that if they had a plan ready, the extent of the damage would have been smaller.

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The first thing that planning involves is to set your goals and find ways to accomplish them. The second is to make a risk assessment. In other words, you investigate the dangerous, problems or contingencies that can occur. Indeed, large multinational companies have special teams that are responsible of risk management. That way the company can avoid making any wrong investments, and have an emergency plan ready when something goes wrong. An event that has made a lasting impression on me was the BP oil crisis in the gulf of Mexico.

Bp had a risk management team, but their engineers were not prepared for a damage of that extent. When they finally managed to close the well they publicly admitted that if they had a plan ready, the extent of the damage would have been smaller. Another area were planning seems the key to success is in education. For example, when I was in the university I had a study plan in order to pass the exams and obtain my degree. As a general rule, if you want to succeed in an academic environment you need to have a plan and not take risks.

From the above examples one can see that by taking everything into consideration you can have a plan ready even for the possibility of a misfortune. In conclusion, when one has taken carefully thought actions and has planned ahead is not only more likely to succeed, but also to keep succeeding in the future.

However, we should bear in mind, that behind every extraordinary accomplishment, there were charismatic individuals how were brave enough to take the necessary risks. What does success come from? From taking risks or careful planning. Accessed September 14, From taking risks or careful planning specifically for you.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. From taking risks or careful planning Essay. This kind of gene, D4DR, is also called thrill-seeking gene. In this case, people have the best moments when their body or mind is stretched to its limits while they are taking risks and after accomplishing it, they feel very confident.

For example, when students have a chance to In five pages this report considers a disaster's aftermath and people's vulnerability as represented in this theoretical text Risk management takes place organizations with the use of different tools and approaches. This six page paper looks at three appro The tasks of the risk manager start with the way that risks are Lou Dobbs comments on a regular basis concerning the "army of invaders" who cross "our countrys broken borders," angry viewers res When making decisions regarding risk reduction, potential risks will need to be assessed from all potential actions.

The question becomes, however, what will be the best aspect for this company. Businesses are at risk for many different disruptions. Natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes and human-made disasters li Decreasing profits and market share was evidence that the company was getting stale.

It needed drastic changes and it took This 8 page paper looks at a fictitious retail company and a single process which needs improvement. The example is a retail store New to eCheat Create an Account! Professionally written essays on this topic: At Risk Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability, and Disasters by Piers Blaikie In five pages this report considers a disaster's aftermath and people's vulnerability as represented in this theoretical text Starbucks be relatively certain of reception of such a place in a specific neighborhood or office park, but imposing the same characteristic

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Risk taking is necessary for all writers to uptake because it is a learning process, which leads to understating our inner critic and finding of our voice during the writing process. The most important thing that we can do before writing an essay is to get a very clear meaning on what a risk is.

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Taking Risks. Essay sample is provided by Taking risks can be scary because of the uncertainty and unpredictability involved. Yet, the rewards can be great. An individual can utilize their talents and abilities and at the same time get lessons on how to follow through set goals.

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- “Risk Taking, Alcohol and Drug Use” As if adolescence isn't already a difficult time in many peoples life, the movement into adulthood is also a difficult and confusing time. The most important thing to remember about risk-taking is that without taking that risk, you’ll never know what could happen. Even though it is like gambling with life, every risk has an effect that it will leave on your life, whether it be negative or positive, it is important to test it.

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Again I must stress that the risks taken should be ‘calculated’ risks. Only a fool will try to fly an aeroplane without any basic training and awareness of the dangers involved. Flying an aeroplane is a very risky job. Positive Risk Taking Essay Words | 18 Pages Support positive risk taking in everyday life Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life, Risk for most people is an accepted part of everyday life e.g. catching a bus or walking to the shop etc will carry some element of risk.