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❶At the beginning of this section, write a paragraph that summarizes the key takeaway points of your survey. The writer will need to be familiar with the terminology, be sufficiently creative, have a good command of language, etc.


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For example, if the goal of your marketing report is to communicate your new market research plan, your title should be something like, " Market Research Plan. The executive summary is the first section to appear on the page after your title page. This section should outline the goals of your report. Write your goals so they answer the question, "What do I want readers to be able to do after reading this report?

Your marketing report should also include an introduction. Your introduction should provide any necessary background information relevant to your marketing report. Then, give a high-level overview of the contents of the rest of your plan. For example, "Some of you are aware of the updated corporate marketing strategy our management team approved this month. But the development of academic writing skills is about improving the language at all levels.

In schools and universities of the United States pay much attention to the letter. If we develop these skills is likely to be carried out under a separate course, the overseas students write academic papers in most subjects.

In this case, teachers are written clearly, write detailed instructions for tasks and develop specific criteria for evaluation. There are many supporters of the opinion that the correct spelling is not mandatory.

Why develop skills that will only take away too much time, but is unlikely to be taught to communicate fluently in the vernacular? The point of view is typically a prerogative of those not willing to try and make sure that it is the development of literacy and writing skills is key to success in everyday life. In addition, English today is the language of business communication the world. Anyone who wants to achieve success in their careers abroad, simply must be able to communicate, write competently in English, know the basics of writing business letters, navigate the scientific vocabulary to be able to write reports with a clear structure.

Besides the above types, research articles, letters and business correspondence types are worthy of mentioning. Although with different target audience, volume and complexity, they all have the common features described below.

First and foremost, the most vital aspect of academic text is its structure. Essays, reports and simple scientific works consist of an introduction, main body and conclusion. Your site offers an opt-in button for readers to subscribe to additional content that is emailed to them.

This group gets a weekly email from you with new content links. You have an attractive home page that includes a picture of someone using your backpack phone charger. The site allows the user to easily navigate to your content page and to web pages with product information. You provide an e-commerce option for customers. Clients can buy your product online and receive their backpack in just business days.

Analyze how well your product is doing in each of these channels. Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing. Is marketing doing a good job of getting your product information to potential customers?

If you are using blog posts or articles, are they actually being read? Determine if your marketing efforts are actually leading to traffic to your website and then if this traffic is converting into sales. If not, you may want to include ideas for a revised marketing strategy in your marketing report. Note your market share compared to competitors and market share trends. Are you gaining market share, losing it, or holding your own?

For more on market share, see how to calculate market share. Summarize your findings for your marketing report. The results of your market research should be compiled and detailed in a market report. A market report includes a page executive summary and a longer detailed report section. Your report should include such items as definition of the market size, competitors and their marketing size, as well as estimates of market share. You can use the market report to make changes to your marketing process.

These changes can help you get more business from the time and money you spend on marketing. Think about the purpose of an executive summary.

You need to provide a one page, or at most two page, summary of the results of your marketing research. Be sure to hit all of the major points of the rest of your report in this summary.

Many people will read the summary first, to get a quick overview of your results. These details should be condensed into bullet points and made prominent on the report. The summary should provide a basic account of what your company does, where it is located, what type of employees if any you have, and any other organizational details. Also describe your products and goals for your future products or sales. For example, if your backpack charging company had plans to expand into purse chargers or another similar product line, include these plans in your summary.

This should also include the sales channels being used by your business, as well as competitors and their sales channels. If not, do you have a competitive advantage that can be exploited in your marketing and sales efforts? Detail the objective of your research. Your report should specify what exactly you were trying to determine in your marketing research. This could be whether or not your marketing was effective in content, whether or not it reached the right audience, whether or not it properly informed customers about your product, or any other determination you wished to make.

Evaluate how well you are reaching your intended audience. Typically, the objective of your market research is to assess how well you are convincing people in your target audience to buy your product. You need to be making sure that you're reaching an audience that will actually be purchasing your product.

If you're not doing so, explain why you think this is the case and offer suggestions for different courses of action. For example, you could be examining how well advertisements for your backpack are reaching college students, as they would be a likely audience for your product.

If your ads are primarily reaching adults, who don't generally carry backpacks, this would be an issue to raise in your evaluation. Display marketing conversion data. This figure represents how many potential customers or visitors to your website actually purchased a product. This can be evaluated with site traffic counters.

If this number is particularly low, you should offer explanations as to why this might be the case and how you can improve on it. For example, if only 1 in 20 of your site's visitors actually buy one of your backpacks, you may want to reconsider the design of your websites, the ease of purchase, or the price of your product.

Admit any data collection difficulties or incomplete sections. Your executive summary should also include a section where you explain whether or not you had any difficulty attaining the data within. This could help explain incomplete or omitted sections or topics. Sometimes, there's no way to obtain a certain set of data reliably.

If this is the case, explain why it is so in your summary. Rather than just analyzing the effectiveness of past marketing techniques, you should also look at how effective these campaigns will be in the future. This can include more people coming online, more traffic coming to links to your website, or any other trends that you think might help or hurt your marketing techniques.

You should also consider the fact that other competitors will arise if you are successful. Significant returns attract more competition, so if you don't have direct competitors now, rest assured that you will in the future. Have a plan in place to sustain your competitive advantage in spite of new entrants to the market. For example, perhaps you perceive that college students may be carrying backpacks less often as they switch to an all-digital education.

You could remark on how this will hurt your business and explain how you will respond to it. Calculate marketing return on investment.

2. Write about each question in turn

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